Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate

Venevuelan Oil and Talapia

This fund will be increased to the extent that Venezuela sells more oil and to the extent that prices will remain above one hundred dollars, we believe that the funds will generate not only input from Venezuela but wills earn from other countries oil production. ” The Venezuelan official said the parameters of the use […]

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Occult Enemy

Innumerable times in we see them falling in the same ambush of the easy credit: ' ' It buys now and it only pays with its 13' ' ; ' ' It buys with tax of interests zero' ' ; ' ' It buys, it buys, compre' '. we leave for there buying without any […]

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Beatriz Corredor

The national real estate market is going through very bad times. We know everyone so it is not worth to emphasize this, but not why (on the contrary) should not seek solutions. And these are: If the nationals don’t buy flats sub-Windows abroad, just as (for example) Germans who come to spend the summer at […]

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