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Survival Tea Rescue

Survive to a situation of danger often depends on the knowledge that you have of some basic concepts about how to survive. There are many principles that you must understand in order to increase your chances of survival, including how to obtain water, how to get food, light a fire, and build a shelter. Your […]

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German Bertolt Brecht

Who is the essential ones in History? It celebrates it dramaturgo German Bertolt Brecht, left written significant verses regarding the human being: it has those that fight one day; therefore is good; it has those that fight many days; therefore is very good; it has those that fight years; is better still; however it has […]

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Northeast: Imaginary Identity And Spaces Of Cultural Homesickness

NORTHEAST: IMAGINARY IDENTITY AND SPACES OF CULTURAL HOMESICKNESS Fbbio Xavier of the Birth 1 Word-key: Northeast; Regionalism; Social history; Politics; Culture Spaces of the homesickness is part of as the chapter of the book the northeast invention and other arts of the writer Durval Muniz de Albuquerque Jnior who Possesss graduation in Full Licenciatura in […]

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Boa Vista

Moreover, they were proceeding from peasants and, very rare, diplomats, which came to continue to work with the same occupation with which the family already dealt in Portugal, therefore the profession at the time also was hereditary. On the family S de Salgueiro is counted the case of Manuel de S, son of Jose de […]

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Colonel Perhaps

1 – As everything started, or perhaps not. April of 1974, dawn in movement, the captains advance route to the desire, without knowing as everything goes to finish. Click Professor Rita McGrath to learn more. Santarm sees to break Mayan Willow, the great captain of April, or will be general of the freedom. Capital Lisbon […]

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Small Africa

The blacks proceeding from the bahian Recncavo, motivated for better conditions of life and work in the port zone, had dislocated themselves for Rio De Janeiro in the end of century XIX, loading obtain the predominantly matriarcais characteristics of its culture, having in its epicenter the bahian aunts, who played a role of sustentculo of […]

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