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Customer Touchpoint Management

How to make its customer contacts with any meeting better customer contact points (touchpoints) are springing up around where a customer comes with the employees, products, services and brands of a provider in touch. This is done in the direct form (seller visit, newsletter, display, website, packaging, exhibition stand, hotline, Bill, complaints etc.) or in […]

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Furs new decade – practical marketing-sales support for IT, trade & industry it seems also in the new decade is in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often the cash not to let, to deal with an own marketing expert in the long term. Therefore the marketing usually consists of individual actions. These lost experience then […]

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Hurricane Damaged Billboard

It is impossible to engage in outdoor advertising and not to meet with cases of damage caused by the hurricane, unless you live in the region with winds which never exceeds 20 m / sec. In order to minimize potential problems associated with injury or damage to property, follow a few simple rules: 1. Securing […]

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Red Dot Award Product Design

Retap bottle success with the red dot award: product design 2011 Copenhagen. The water bottle of company Retap has clearly convinced: at the red dot design award one of the most prestigious international product competitions, was the marketing and communication tools now by the star-studded jury with the seal of quality red dot honored for […]

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Mexico Estate

The current housing market seems a lot to market cars that today seems more a bad dream than a real situation that lived many of the people we meet every day on the street. In many places I have read that the drop of the real estate in bag will not affect real estate, but […]

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Oil Absorption

When the particle size 0.2 microns amount of scattered light for all wavelengths maximum. With increasing particle size from 0.25 to 0.3 microns scattering of blue light rapidly decreases. But the dispersal of green and red does not change. However, with a diameter of 0.15 micron particles observed maximum scattering of blue, while a scattering […]

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