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Incanto, Cora and Andreas Nagel in the star talk in the current issue of the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR are this week the pop classic trio incanto, the cult duo Cora and singer Andrea Nagel guest: incanto: this melodious Italian word means “Grace” or “Magic” and describes […]

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Pixx DesignSuite

The diversity of the material stretches from cheap plastic covers to luxurious leather covers. Hardcover versions will be available in the near future. It offered the clients a perfect service “can has developed a simple and intuitive photo book design software, PROMAXX Clixx’Pixx DesignSuite”. They includes not only a large number of design options, but […]

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Germany begins the flight from the real time Internet is a high-tech country, with us everything goes faster and faster, more efficient and better. The productivity and the performance of each individual grows from day to day. We live a wonderful world in which, especially when one compares the Habitat of Germany with other, less […]

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