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Florida Real Estate

Like Selling A House In Ages De Crisis

In the days of real estate crisis the sale of floors and other buildings are very complicated. In spite of these circumstances they are continued selling new houses as of second hand as much. In order to secure this objective it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations. The two main characteristics that determine […]

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Industrial Property

Secondly, it is necessary that the invention reflects an inventive height. In addition the newness must be applicable in any type of industry. We in this way hope to be able to clarify the main fields of the Intellectual and Industrial Property. Published by Article sent by the office: LOPEZ GIMNEZ TOWERS three-dimensional or a […]

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Property In Majorca

The Urdangarin case continues generating controversial. between 2003 and final of 2004 Iaki Urdangarin deMallorca used 1.03 million Euros removed from the foundation without profit spirit Nos institute to acquire five floors in Palm. In addition, in that period of time, in 18 months, it hardly is when the palm Dukes bought the small palace […]

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