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According to information provided by real estate agency Terra Sumy, Sumy in the city center of one square meter of retail space costs an average of 1,500 thousand at. is, up to 3 thousand in. e. While the most central streets of the price can reach up to 5-7 thousand at. e. In the 'sleeping' area also contains the street full of shopping space. For example, it Kursk prospect Himgorodok, 9-12 neighborhoods.

The cost in these areas ranged from an average of 1 to 2.5 thousand UAH. No less active businessmen Sum take property for rent. In recent years, the city there is not just growth in construction, but started construction of modern and high quality retail and office projects. In Sumy, as well as in other cities, and whole streets, front rooms which are occupied by shops: construction materials, household appliances and so forth because buyers convenient to choose where several shops are close by, in addition, in the minds of consumers formed a certain stereotype. By entering the market for new operators, opening more than one outlet, but a whole network. In Basically, network operators, first renting space until strengthen the position of the regional market.

And then buy a commercial property in the property. In the newly built shopping malls for sale area, usually is not possible, can only rent. In Sumy shopping centers are located in the streets of Co-operative ('Kiev', 'Star rznits'), Paul (CUM), in the final stage is the construction of the mall 'Avalanche' on Prospect Lushpa, and drafted a shopping mall 'manufactory' on the street. Kharkiv. But to accommodate the large hypermarkets are required to land, so the giant stores are located on the outskirts of the city, for example, Hypermarket building materials 'Rona' in Topolyansky. Fullness of Sumy shopping centers close to the critical point – as in not yet put into operation Mall 'Avalanche' is no longer considered the treatment potential tenants of all the seats are already occupied. Construction of modern shopping mall and, while not made adjustments – the free trade areas in the city and there is little need for commercial spaces in our city will be granted no earlier than five years.

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