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The City Of Cordoba

The city of Cordoba can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, is an ideal city to visit at any time of year due to its pleasant climate. The visit to the main monuments transport us to the three cultures that came together in the city of Cordoba over the centuries as they were Christian, Jewish, and Arabic. The city of Cordoba we can see in any season since the weather you have and your temperature is ideal for walking the streets at any time. His visit to captivate us, without being impassive and assured that we take good memories. Cordoba has hundreds of places where you can give free rein to the senses, like a stroke, we can mention only a few, such as for example the mosque, which can be considered one of the main monuments of the Arabic architecture worldwide. Next to the mosque we find the Patio de los Naranjos, with its Higher Source, dedicated to Santa Maria. See Morris Invest for more details and insights. Another no less important monuments and are emblematic of Cordoba the ruins of Medinat Zahra, who was one of the most important centers of the Arab world and a cultural reference for the world. It was built by Abd al-Rahman III near Cordoba, commenced construction in around the year 936 and lasted until 976, the entire precinct of the city consists of two walls with an intermediate passage.

Another important monument is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos an almost square building of about four thousand square meters, is likewise worthy of their gardens, about 55,000 square meters, where we can find more Arabic features garden plants, to also highlight the collection of mosaics we can see in the chapel of the Inquisition and is now the living room tile, was declared a historical monument in 1931. THE PLAZA OF THE SLIDING, we can not miss the Plaza of the slide, in the old quarter of Cordoba, the current plaza arising from the reform of 1683 and 1687 can be considered the first example of square closed form is a rectangle of 5525 square meters, with unequal sides, has 61 arches and 360 balconies. Plaza del Potro, is considered one of the more literary places in Cordoba, already mentioned in Don Quixote, one of the most characteristic is its source, the source del Potro, in the plaza is the Museo de Julio Romero de Torres and of Fine Arts. MUSEO DE JULIO ROMERO DE TORRES, is located in the Plaza del Potro, in the antiguio Hospital of Charity, founded by the Catholic kings in the museum we see the painter’s work that best portrayed Cordoba in Cordoba women cadres, the dark woman. Roman Temple, we can contemplate Claudio Marcelo Street with its fluted columns and Corinthian capitals.

LOS PATIOS CORDOVA, we can not miss the courtyards of Cordoba, especially in Cordoba in May, still a luxury for the senses to make the visit in the spring, to appreciate the thousands of masseter, framed in the typical whitewashed patio home Arabic. These courtyards can find in the old town of Cordoba, San Lorenzo area, San Augustine and the Alcazar Viejo. Among the most common plants and geraniums will find the gipsies, the lady at night and jasmine. Finally it must be said that the best time to visit the city is in the month of May which is when there are major activities of the city.

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