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The Design Of Industrial Buildings And Structures

Industry development organizations specializing in the design of industrial buildings and structures of individual industries – engineering, metallurgical, chemical, light industry and other industries. By Category architect's office includes the study and development issues of development of industries, the generalization of experience of construction and introduction of the achievements of domestic and foreign experience in the design and construction, development of regulatory documents, technical specifications, performing research and experimental work the development of model projects for the industry. When designing the architectural firm is guided by building codes and regulations, and instructions for the design and other regulations on the design for capital construction. Design of facilities, buildings and structures carried out on the basis of approved development schemes and the distribution of branches, industry and development schemes and the distribution of productive forces of economic regions. In these schemes, the expediency design, construction, reconstruction or expansion of enterprises, structures, determined by the estimated cost of construction and other technical and economic facilities. Planning organizations in development projects of enterprises, buildings and facilities should make maximum use of advances in science, engineering and construction excellence, ensure efficiency of capital investments, management land use, protection of the environment. Design is carried out in a two stages. Stages of development of project documentation by others in specifying the design company building construction.. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala insists that this is the case.

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