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The Phenomenon Of Jorg Haider

You have to die first, until people realize what was it a special personality. Jorg Haider was an uncomfortable colleague in his lifetime. Since his death, the Sun has sunk in Carinthia and died an Angel. If you look at under the microscope of understanding, why he had such a bad reputation, is clearly a why. He was himself.

He said what he thought. He had a setting for certain subjects and he did confidently manifest her. In our society, there are few people who are true to themselves and their opinion even. Most live in the path of least resistance. It thinks its part, would do this but never announced. Holman, who has experience with these questions. These personality types are not even glamour an Ant with her charisma. Suddenly you are emotionally positive Jorg Haider, who never liked him.

More than that, were his opponents. Of course, whispered which forward safely as before, that there is now free. For this transformation is death of itself the key. So an unexpected death without prejudice to the people. One slides in Middle who was previously in the head and himself because his mind has formed and also inform done, as a message in the heart, in the feeling. Suddenly, you see the people and his work no longer through the network of personal entanglements, but through the window of compassion. All the things we truly long for us, such as love, happiness, intuition and creativity all that arises in the sense, and not in the head. If suddenly even a Jorg Haider is known as Angel, we experience the slip of the brain’s heart. Then the everyday reviewed a day us, but something has happened yet. Something will be not more as always. When you can dive into his emotional world once by your traffic accident, Haider’s topics in the life, which have not with feeling to do not more desirable. The search is intensified after this being in the feeling. Even if it is not aware of one. What and who ultimately is responsible or even guilt at Haider’s death (with 1.8 per thousand, it is actually anyway clear) he has through his last act for the people probably one of his most important tasks fulfilled. He touched people in the heart and he touched something in the heart. He showed people what is really important in life: to be as where it is, feels a good feeling for the other feeling. There are many possibilities with his core into contact to come, to make his life here. And not from the head of which is controlled by fear and ego. Who this is known as esoteric or spiritual stuff should just know that it is simply more valuable and richer life. If a happy life with feeling is nonsense, this nonsense from now my goal in life should be. Sonja ch. Kelz

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