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Demand for multi-storey car parks increased due to increased number of vehicles and lack of parking places, especially in large cities. In a segment of real estate pre-fabricated buildings are not so popular. Homes continue to build on traditional technologies. Based on block-modules, using the steel skeleton of the building erected in places difficult climatic conditions, or as a temporary housing (Camps). Typical residential cottages on the metal frame manufacturers offer units. Russian market participants pre-fabricated buildings on the basis of metal can be classified as follows: – manufacturing companies willing to pre-fabricated buildings on its own technologies, working on a full cycle: design – manufacture – installation of the building. ” This includes importing finished Buildings – manufacturers of construction elements and components for buildings – building companies using technologies of rapid construction, builder-dealers. Total in the Russian market employs 100 of relatively large manufacturers and about 200 smaller ones.

The competition is very strong in this situation, the most powerful companies are offering customers a building on a turnkey basis – from design to construction and commissioning. Thus, the main competitive advantages: – maximum plant readiness framework and building elements – supply complete buildings – own production of walling and additional elements of buildings – a convenient location with respect to the production of transport hubs and highways – delivery and assembly facilities; – own construction company, operating construction project on a turnkey basis, unit of the base and communications. The main criterion for choosing a supplier prefabricated building – while it is operating in the market. The client evaluates the facilities built by the company, takes into account their complexity and use interesting technical solutions. It is important, and availability of the service: providing supervision, delivery, warranties, etc. Another advantage of companies is the availability of standard designs. In the “ideal” of the whole technological process is concentrated in the hands of one person: the design, manufacture bearing and enclosing structures, building equipment, supply and turnkey construction. Leading manufacturers of prefabricated buildings are distinguished integrated approach to manufacturing facilities, system design at all levels. Besides saving time and money of the customer, this approach provides the manufacturer the successful promotion of the market. The main competition in the Russian market of prefabricated buildings occurs between domestic manufacturers. The import share of buildings based on the steel frame now stands at only 5-10% and the trend towards improvement is not (this is due to significant discrepancy in the price of Russian and imported products – a set supplied from abroad will be more expensive by 60%, and its quality is comparable to domestic).

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