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Thermal Combustion

In the new cottages, which occur away from the existing building, it does not come immediately. If the gasification of the village, where the house is built, there was no hope, you can install the boiler on liquid fuel. In this case, require additional space for special steel or plastic tanks for diesel fuel on average 4-10 m, depending on the amount of home and the level of its heat shield. Fuel capacity makes the owner of the boiler confidence in a volatile economy and the market, but long-term (more than a year) storage of fuel in clear plastic containers can lead to physical and chemical 'aging'. Of course, capacity, which are double-walled and have almost one hundred percent reliable, safe, but the house will be present, even if barely noticeable, but still perceptible odor. Tanks can be made beyond buildings and buried in the ground, but better if it will make a special organization, mounted diesel fired boilers, this is done, if the hydrogeological conditions permit. If your location will be difficult to purchase of diesel fuel or confuses you its value, then you can stop the choice on the boilers for combustion of solid fuels, the so-called solid fuel boilers: hard or brown coal, wood, peat or oil shale.

Combustion efficiency in this case would be considerably lower, and emissions into the atmosphere much more than gas and oil boilers. Furthermore, additional fuel storage area under the constant and the time required to load fuel into the boiler. How do I do if you found out that the gasification of the village, which is located in your cottage, there will be a few years? Set boiler to another type of fuel, and then replace it on the gas – too expensive. The best option in this case – combination boilers. Of course, any combination will cost a bit more expensive than the pot for one type of fuel, increase the size, will require additional space to accommodate both reduce the efficiency. This is especially noticeable in the universal boilers for combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, the thermal efficiency at which the combustion of the solid fuel is 58-60%, and liquid and gaseous 70-80%, while for gas and liquid fuel boilers – 90-95%. The optimum is a combination of combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels, as modern burners can burn both of these species fuel is almost the same. They modulate the flame round as a horizontal jet, so the combination boilers for combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels have a cylindrical combustion chamber, formed by walled cast iron or bimetallic (iron / steel) channels, which receive radiant heat of the flame and convective heat surrounding them and the hot gases flowing through the transmission of liquid coolant him. In front removable front panel or door has a hole with mounting device that is mounted (depending on what fuel is expected to use at the moment), fuel oil or gas blast burner, the corresponding output of the boiler.

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