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Together 1 Million Trees Save

Consumer portal launches kaufDA.de environmental initiative “Be green” Berlin, February 19, 2009 – consumer portal launches environmental initiative Mach’s Green kaufDA.de! -Annual land 660,000 tons of advertising brochures in German letter boxes. Worldwide for this purpose each year 2.7 million trees lumbers – founder of Marbach: with each request no advertising ‘-label a tree is saved. So everyone can just help to protect the environment”- free please can any advertising” sticker orders are the consumer portal kaufDA.de launching an environmental initiative to bail out 1,000,000 trees. ” Every year approximately 33 kg of leaflets land in every German letter box”, as founder of the portal Tim Marbach, to make this amount of paper, a tree is felled every seven years. We want to prevent this.

Everyone please no advertising “sticker on a German letter box saves a tree in front of the deforestation.” See machs gruen.de consumers can print a such sticker itself or free of charge and postage send to. r-Ipil.html’>Sorrento therapeutics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You will also find in the environment report produced by the initiative “more background information about the global environmental impact of paper production. The initiative is supported by the environmental protection organization butternut worldwide. About kaufDA.de: The online showcase for local shopping deals was in August 2008 by the four students Thomas Frieling, Tim Marbach, Christian Gaiser and Cihan Abaza founded with the idea to allow consumers more transparency when shopping locally and to stop the polluting brochure flood in the mailbox. For more information see and press. Gain insight and clarity with Morris Invest. Tim Marbach is under 030 / 45099307 or at disposal for press inquiries.

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