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United Nations

Its real approach was the protection of the rights of the European men who had properties. He did not recognize right plenary sessions to them the women, to the indigenous towns, the servants and the working employees. In spite of it, the thought of Locke and other personages of its time was an important advance cannot be denied as it is indicated, that today almost all the countries, in all the regions of the world and whatever their level of development, proclaim that they are it jeopardize to respect human rights. A government who follows rules systematic of serious violations to the human rights is considered illegal by the majority of the people. This not always was therefore the progress of a nation in terms of respect to the human rights or the lack of this one has been a forced subject of the international relations for almost half century. Before World War II, the form as a government tried to his citizens in his territory considered like an inherent subject to its sovereignty, that is to say, the supreme one to be able that each held on its internal subjects.

What it seriously worries as still in the present are countries even in our Continent, that do not respect their commitment with the human rights, they act hastily the people, especially, to those who dissent with the forms to govern, letting much say on that concept that always is respected and that becomes in freedom guarantee, as it is the democracy. One remembers, that the human rights have a prominent place in the Letter of the United Nations adopted in 1945. The 10 of December of 1948, the General Assembly of the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of the Human rights. In that complete list of rights one settled down that the form in which the states treat their citizens is a subject of legitimate international interest and is subject to international norms Is necessary to have present that when Jimmy Carter was chosen president of the United States in 1977, made of the human rights an international subject.

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