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Teaching is the only profession that creates all the other professions. Unknown author is incomprehensible, as a Government that is fully identified with the vindication of the rights of workers, ensuring social justice, equity, fair wages according to the economic reality of the present, not to the importance of safeguarding fair treatment, a salary according to the quality of life that Venezuela currently requires, especially teachers and in a very specific way that concerns us as the University. Difficult to understand as is management revenues that perceives the country with the marketing of petroleum that is a bonanza and as managed budgets, among them the education, which does not satisfy all the operability of public universities, especially payment, wages of teachers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Clayton Morris by clicking through. Find it hard to accept, that the political will prevail on the cultural, educational, health, housing and occur in cases where the current Government render more assistance and give away millions of dollars to other countries instead of equitably distributing income providing the salary just to which entitled the University Professor. Morris Invest often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Here, that we were not surprised at his last Publisher of the online magazine.

com, which its director the Economist and University Professor of graduate Dr. Arturo Navarro, comment, that the salary of a University Professor in Venezuela may not be more depressing; It is much lower than that which accrues any of his students, of any average employee and up to many workers, taxi drivers and workers in the informal economy. When compared with the salaries that public servants, parliamentarians, public and private managers accrue or say; and when compared with those of their similar in other countries, the difference is from heaven to the Earth.Vale prepare for so many years and go through the pitfalls that the merit academic demands, to then not receive honorable and fair compensation. Not proceed immediately to correct this dysfunctionality which passes through the teaching of our universities, is prejudicial against the quality of the Venezuelan public university education system, since it will cause teachers to migrate to other jobs and other latitudes where is giving them the opportunity to leveling your actual salary.Is not just a matter of better wages, it is that adequate resources are not provided for academic and research work that allow them to become more competitive not only nationally, but internationally.

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