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Venevuelan Oil and Talapia

This fund will be increased to the extent that Venezuela sells more oil and to the extent that prices will remain above one hundred dollars, we believe that the funds will generate not only input from Venezuela but wills earn from other countries oil production. ” The Venezuelan official said the parameters of the use of funds are given in the ministerial declaration, and the technical secretariat to meet in Cuba set, evaluating the projects already submitted, the most expeditious mechanism to access funds “that are not only financing for producers.” The funds were distributed among farmers ‘organizations, cooperatives, farmers’ federation, “in this way is passing bills will go through the Secretariat of Agriculture that will be raised to the request of the Technical Council, after Council of Ministers immediately and the summit of presidents to start the whole process of developing meaningful data Consider that the U.S. is a major importer of this species, which is the third most imported aquatic products in that country, after shrimp and Atlantic salmon. In China, most production is for domestic consumption. A small percentage is exported to the United States and to a lesser extent, to other destinations. This tasty fish is sold in fillets.

Large tilapia producers are Asian countries, which represent 80% of world production, with China in the lead, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. Precisely the latter country is the world’s leading exporter. Other exporters are Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and Costa Rica. China is the leader in the production of tilapia, as it provides 42% of world supply, with 1.1 million tonnes (2006). In China this fish was introduced in 1956, from Vietnam and Africa. The evolution of tilapia production in China has been amazing. In 1999, only produced 562 000 tonnes, half of what is produced today.

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