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Vertical Developments

Large cities should begin to find solutions to the shortage of affordable housing that exists today in Mexico. I mean affordable housing specifically, since the developments of houses above the million dollars abound. We have seen how over the last few years a tendency to make economic developments with mini houses, has been given which is something totally acceptable. The unique (and great) drawback of these developments is that typically they are located on the outskirts of the cities, which ironically ends up affecting the economy of its inhabitants, since it increases them their expenses by concept of transport. One of the solutions being proposed is to carry out the construction of vertical developments. Buildings not covering many area; that they are not so to the outskirts of the city. and are within the reach of families with little purchasing power.

Obviously, departments are planning to do in these developments will be of a size of 50 square meters average. Another advantage that can provide this kind of development is lower by housing services and infrastructure cost. With this hopefully can further lower the cost to acquire a dwelling of this type, as well as also improve the economics of its inhabitants. You will have to wait to see if these projects may occur in the short term, and if it is indeed development companies can offer this type of housing at a lower cost that is currently. Eng. Jesus Inzunza Director General of Binmueble.com visit our website at: Binmueble.

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