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Victory Germany Builds

The winner of the contest of the industry initiative builds Germany!”the first award was presented last week personally in his own Engineering Office. Paderborn, the 7th August 2013 was the competition on the occasion of the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and building systems construction 2013 by Germany!”launched. Now handed over to Andreas Klass, Treasurer of Germany builds! e.V. and Managing Director of Heinz Nations GmbH solid houses, the main prize at the graduate engineer Jurgen Lange. The expert for sound and heat insulation had correctly answered the three questions of the competition and was chosen as the winner of the iPad mini. The awarding took place in the rooms of the IfEM engineering for energy management in Paderborn.

Jurgen Lange manages the company together with his business partner engineer Andreas Liedtke. The independent engineer Office of energy management helps homeowners, landlords and companies planning and implementation Energy saving measures. The services of the IfEM engineering range from a comprehensive energy consulting, the energy performance certificate for rent objects of energy reports up to noise protection measures or Thermographic measurements. Prize winners and sound – and thermal insulation expert Jurgen Lange explains the principles of the Engineering Office for effective energy management. It is important to provide a contemporary and on demand package our customers to us. We are working therefore service – but above all cost-oriented, independently by different vendors and manufacturers. In this respect the luck meets a businessman who stands for, what builds Germany!”stands out.

Learn more about the Paderborner Engineering Office for energy management online under. Germany builds!”builds on strong company for the construction industry, the three issues of the competition required course knowledge to the 2012 based industry initiative in Germany! e.V. In addition to the patron was also asked as to the objectives of the Association. Both questions could be answered by checking. Jurgen Lange the winner of the competition had Wolfgang Tiefensee as a correct response known as the objective of the initiative: enhance the image of the construction industry, form networks and encouraging innovation. The third question was asked some creativity, because here the participants of the competition should briefly describe for whom the initiative was founded. The degree in engineering from Paderborn replied, for companies, for the construction industry”. Learn more about the industry initiative builds Germany!”is there on the homepage

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