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Visiting Curacao Bon Bini

I can not change the direction of the wind, but yes to adjust my sails to always reach my destination. JAMES DEAM towards many years that not visiting Curacao, despite living close, neighbor to Venezuela and more in my case 30 minutes from aircraft from Valencia, Carabobo. When I met her for the first time in 1976 to be precise, I found myself with a little developed Curacao, now that I have returned do find it changed an airport enabled, comfortable, cozy, despite the distance that it is far from the Center and where it is forced to move to him, take a taxi whose value is $ 30, for Venezuelans is a high price, especially because of the difficult access to the purchase of free dollars, by the constraints of change that is known has imposed President Hugo Chavez. It is more organized, unseen ranches, comfortable houses, buildings are representative of the colonial Dutch. affable, very treatable, people who tell him with joy Bon Bini ((welcome) and) where one can mobilize without fear to be assaulted, brutalized, as unfortunately often happens in Venezuela. Since then, the heat is overwhelming, very strong, but is supported. Its climate is semiarid type. The maximum elevation is the Christoffelberg (Mt.

Cristobal) 374 m in height and is located in the Northwest of the island. For Venezuelans, the island is very expensive, because the dollar to transform in the forint, the national currency, one dollar is equivalent to 1.72 and the value of things, including meals, hotels and tours are very expensive, preventing that not everyone can go to enjoy it, to bathe in its beaches. However, is one with many Dutch, other countries with a currency stronger than ours. It is not surprising to hear several languages, as well as the dialect of Papiamento, where many of its inhabitants speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch.

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