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Working with text in the editor, Dreamweaver, you may notice that this process is not unlike working in any other text editor. The truth is in it and its peculiarities. Before you start typing, do not forget to make some of the settings editor. Need to go in the main menu items: Edit – Preferences – Fonts. On the Settings menu font (Font settings) should be chosen, of course, its settings. A related site: Morris Invest mentions similar findings. If you create a WEB-page in Russian – choose para Cyrillic, if in English, choose – Western Europe. In this menu you can select font type and size. The editor, text typed directly from the keyboard, as well as you can embed it in a window editor, copying it to the editors.

To edit the text in the editor, Dreamweaver use these keys and their combinations: To move to the beginning and end of the line would provide the key Home and End. To quickly jump to the beginning or end block the typed text is enough to press a combination of keys: Ctrl + Home – to the beginning of the text or the Ctrl + End to go to the end of the text. To create a paragraph is the key Enter. To move text another line is needed shortcut Shift + Enter. When you incorrectly typed the text, then you can delete it by pressing Backspace or Del. Key Backspace delete the character to the left of the cursor, and Del, respectively, on the right. Slice Select text. The easiest way to select a piece – is to click the left mouse button at the beginning of the piece and hold it, drag the cursor to the end of the fragment.

If you find it hard to do it with the mouse – use the keyboard shortcut Shift + arrow (left or right). In order to highlight the complete line – need to use the key combination Shift + End – from the beginning to the end line and the key combination Shift + Home – from the end of the line before it is started. In order to select the entire text you want to apply the key combination Ctrl + A. In order to cut selection – Use the key combination Ctrl + X. To copy the selection using the key combination Ctrl + C. In order to insert text in place of the cursor, use the key combination Ctrl + V. There is still a very useful feature – "rollback." When you make a mistake, then you will return all the key combination Ctrl + Z. It is easy to see that work with text editor, Dreamweaver not so difficult. Just edit the text can be not only with the keys. Going into the main menu click Edit, you will find all the commands for editing text.

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