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The Depth

When working with folds importantly – do not be mistaken with the width. To do this you need to determine the depth of wrinkles. If you have a thick cloth or insufficient, you can make the depth of wrinkles incomplete: the depth of = width of the folds of pleats in the process of laying […]

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Home Fireplace

Fireplace – a symbol of comfort and well-being. Those who have suburban housing, certainly there is a fireplace. After all, a country house without a fireplace and can not call home. And what about those who live in a city apartment, but also wants to warmth, comfort and comfort in its not suburban, but the […]

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Wall Paintings and Interior Design

Each apartment has at least one fairly or very little room to be visually enhanced. What advise us masters of interior design in such cases? Here are some guidelines to help expand the room. First analyze the basic principles of interior design with the use of wall paintings: * Light colors visually transform a space, […]

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Interior Decoration Textiles

Interior decoration textiles – an integral part of the design .Trudno present themselves without tkaney.Oni interior create a feeling of comfort, soften or emphasize the architectural features of the room – and can be a key element of the interior. Exactly how the room will look like in general, depends on many factors, but usually, […]

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Housing and Repairs

House for any person – is a place of rest, rest and relaxation, a place where he can relax or alternatively concentrate on work. House or apartment – a place where you want to go back. Not for nothing that says my house – my fortress. There is another saying that characterizes housing rights – […]

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