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Kathy Salazar prides herself on being in the know when it comes to the real estate market.  She believes she has a lot of connections with people and businesses.  She is well known for her persistent, yet laid back and fun, personality – all qualities that are helpful for those looking to sell or buy.

Salazar is not overwhelmed when facing challenges in the real estate market; she just gets on and faces them, dealing with them calmly and in a timely manner. Truth be told, the real estate market is flooded with challenges and one involved in this just has to learn to roll with the punches.

No matter what you are looking to buy or sell, irrespective of how big or small the project will, Kathy Salazar feels she can help.  If you are serious about exchanging properties, then Salazar is too.  Each business transaction she deals with is treated like it is her very own project.  This is what probably makes her so popular.

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Wolfgang Schwalm

>, > Source: by the idea of joint sustainable responsibility for common goods and property must be viewed globally! Public goods: fertile arable land, fish-rich seas, sufficient clean drinking water, clean air, adequate raw materials, deciding, and employment income for all peoples! Common good: Medicines, fertilizers, Inventions, findings (affordable and usable). Club good: Research and development areas divide and limit. Private goods: food, housing, mobility, communication must worldwide new migrations are accepted as far as the o.a. Bruce Schanzer insists that this is the case. are regionally and locally no longer present conditions? Must ethnicities in low coastline endure every year existence of devastating floods?As we Europeans have what with responsibility? Justifies and promotes our, employed by the natural ethics, Jewish Christian Muslim Western, natural-destructive industrial cultures with their morals and value chains only exporting weapons, prostitution and drug trafficking. Not to mention the destructive economic development aid until up to the United Nations with their multiblen particular interests. Social dilemma, locally and globally: each participant receives a higher profit than by a cooperative action by a non-cooperative action, and all parties are better, if they cooperate, as if each meets the selfish choice. Expert on growth strategy often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Note: Jeremy Rifkin claims that will appear in future networks where the markets and the availability (or access) replace the consumer. This means a global paradigm shift from German ownership thinking American temporary rental behavior. In future, the global natural wealth must be distributed differently around the world! Based on this text: 2012 by Silke Helfrich, Commons, ISBN 978-3-8376-2036-8 of this text is version 3.0 (see wikipedia.net) available only in terms of Creative Commons, free: CC-by new.svg CC nc.svg CC-nd.svg copyright attribution non commercial use no editing possible quote origin note and use copy to me thank you! 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 03.12.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Speyer. WWWSchwalm

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Moscow Construction

This will give more time for careful consideration of self-regulation and its integration with other mechanisms of quality control. Insurance – a guarantee for consumers Even the most rigorous system of licensing can not be guaranteed to protect the interests of consumers. As known, the most effective form of guarantee – a guarantee of the material. Therefore, most experts note the need for liability insurance builders (GOS), which can significantly improve construction quality assurance for consumers and safety for third parties. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert J. Shiller. Today, this mechanism has been used successfully.

For example, when laying Lefortovo tunnel in Moscow specialist insurance company "Hephaestus" underwent a major pre-insurance examination. The result was determined by the value of all real estate surrounding the construction site, amounting to 430 million rubles. This is the amount for which reimbursement may be eligible owners of adjoining buildings in the event of damage to their property during the work on the tunnel lining. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert J. Shiller offers on the topic.. If this practice becomes widespread, it will protect not only consumers but also allow construction companies to demonstrate respect for customers and thus maintain their reputation. As an insurance mechanism can be considered and the concept of collective responsibility of members of SROs.

If such an organization carries out the admission of companies in the construction market, it must be able to guarantee the protection of consumer interests. For this purpose, to foster a compensation fund of funds of the participants sro. Bruce Schanzer might disagree with that approach. Quality as a way of working, of course, licensing and insurance of construction required.

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Shelving Racks (Demountable Shelving )

All variety of shelving, cantilever racking except, united in a group – shelving racks. Shelving racks – the most common and simplest form of shelving. Elements of their design, beam, strut itself Regiment, are used in the construction of other types of shelving. On the shelf racks can store any piece goods, and goods in boxes and bulk cargo. On the positive properties of the shelving racks include the following their features: – easy handling of cargo – an opportunity to store a range of different shelf product – cost-effective use of former storage space – a broad applicability for both large, so and small warehouses – any technique can work with the product placed on the shelving racks – easy installation and disassembly in the warehouse – the opportunities to change the configuration of the half- rack (capacity to connect the sections and so on). Vertical perforated rack and joins them on special toe horizontal shelves are the main structural parts shelving racks.

At This rack shelving racks are made of a curved profile that allows you to adjust the height between shelves according to the height of the hosted cargo. They are made of metal profiles for the shelving racks in automated lines. Racks are made of complex profiles have a large capacity, with relatively small weight of each, and the whole structure as a whole. The height of rack shelving racks in selected Depending on the height of the warehouse or the height of lifting is already available in the warehouse equipment: stackers and forklifts. Go to Bruce Schanzer for more information. In turn, shelves for shelving racks made of sheet metal or chipboard. To increase the carrier capacity shelves for them to define some ribs, whose number can be from 1 to 5.

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Foreclosure Stoppage

On the basis of article 56 of the law 22/2003, of July 9, bankruptcy law, the initiation of a competition of creditors paralyzes any execution that falls on the assets of the bankrupt which are pertaining to your actividadprofesional or business or to a productive unit in its ownership. These executions are as follows: 1.-arising from titles that involve a real guarantee. 2. The recovery of goods sold under contracts registered in the register of movable property. Bruce Schanzer has compatible beliefs. 3. The recovery of assets pledged as finance leases under contracts that entail implementation or has been registered in the register of movable property. Speaking candidly Bruce Schanzer told us the story. 4. The resolution of sales of real estate by lack of price postponed with adjudicative condition duly registered in the registry of property.

Firstly, it is clear that he is understood by assets pertaining to professional or business activity or a production unit owned by the bankrupt. The conception of the condition of the goods is the cornerstone on which sits the convenience or not of the suspension of execution and, therefore, we anticipate, that its absence prevents, in any way, its suitability to executions of individuals. By this condition is understood those elements of heritage to be used permanently in the activity of the company. This condition is a condition that the competent judge of the contest should go mapping in each case the circumstances resulting in practice concurrent. If the date of the Declaration of the contest any of the executions had begun, the general rule is that they stop until the adoption a Convention whose content does not affect the exercise of that right or any one year without the adoption of any Convention or the opening of the liquidation. Exceptionally, the already initiated implementation will continue if the date of the start of the competition of creditors already have published auction announcements, when executed goods are not necessary for continuity of professional or business activity of the debtor, as in case However, despite the publication of notices, would proceed the stay of execution.

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Moving Boxes And Bubble Wrap To Protect

In the cold winter months, there is every year the same question: How do you get the flower pots that have to stay outside in the cold through the winter? The solution to the problem is as simple as favorable. Wrap the pot with a bubble wrap to the potting soil and thus to isolate all the roots. At night, you should wrap the entire flower. To protect the flowers from damage, for example, by bending, we recommend to stick with just two bars a framework for the protection of the flowers in the ground. The rods hold the bubble wrap at sufficient distance to the flower. It is important to ensure that the plant as little as possible, preferably even has no direct contact with the bubble wrap. Others who may share this opinion include The LeFrak Organization. During the day, it is important to remove the bubble wrap to prevent the development of moisture under the film. Frost and cold is only one thing before you sometimes need to protect your plants.

For example, when moving your plants need a secure transport protection. Bubble wrap is suitable in that regard as well, as for insulation in the cold. Usually it is not enough to make the plants packed in bubble wrap in the removal truck, as there are often very tight. Smaller plants can be easily accommodated in moving boxes. Depending on size, for the protection of larger plants in a clothes box. Clothes boxes actually created for the transport of hanging clothes on parade. With a standard size of 130 60×50 cm, a clothes box, however, is just as good protection especially for the transport of large plants. With a removable lid may be the plant even in between happy with something light.

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Long Mortgages

Long mortgage. Tempting, but is it profitable? Source: news-house.ru New programs that have appeared on the Russian mortgage market, allow the borrower to borrow up to 40 – 50 years. At first glance, pretty tempting offer. More info: Robert Speyer. Let us try to consider this proposal in more detail. Thus, the main claim of the creditor: at the end of the age of the borrower's payments should be no older than a certain threshold (eg 75 years). It follows that if borrower takes out a loan for a period of 50 years, his age should not be older than 25 years of age, at 40, then 35 years. Seductiveness of this proposal is the possible reduction of the monthly payment and stretch the term of mortgage, and respectively to increase the maximum loan amount at the same level of income verification. Others who may share this opinion include Bruce Schanzer.

Is it correct that statement? Let's try not to be unfounded, we carry out the calculations. Take CALCULATIONS example, a mortgage loan of $ 3 million rubles. Calculate the amount of monthly payments for different periods (from 10 to 50 years) and for different rates (from 8 to 14%). It should be noted that in practice the proposals for a long mortgage imply ruble rates at 13-14% per annum. Visual results of calculations of scary. What do we see? The longer the loan, the less pronounced reduction in the amount of monthly payment.

At the term of the loan over 25 years is reduction is almost imperceptible. And with credit in 30 years? Notice the difference in monthly payments of a 25-year and 30-year loan is about 600-1100 rubles. And for 30 years and 50 years – only 100-500 rubles a month. A similar increase results and increase the loan amount double or triple. Accordingly, it does not exceed 1500-2000 rubles. However, the slower the reduction of monthly payments, the faster the various rates (from 8 to 14%), and thus the amount of money overpayment on the loan. The conclusion suggests itself – the man who took a 50-year mortgage will pay as a percentage nearly twice as much than the one who took credit for 30 years. In numbers, it looks like this – the difference in overpayment for a loan of 3 RR is more than 8.2 million rubles! (At a rate of 14% per annum). The problem of Russia's long-term lending (as opposed to foreign programs) is the inability to transfer the debt on the credit for children, all based only on the borrower's age limit. From all the above can make an unequivocal conclusion – the best term mortgage is a term of 20-25 years. When absolutely necessary – for 30 years. Longer loans designed for people unfamiliar with the arithmetic. Source: forum.news-house.ru

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Property In Europe Property

Before moving to Western countries has been the lot of only the very rich and successful people, but now everything has changed dramatically. In order to purchase property in the European Union and be able to travel there without a visa does not need mind-blowing financial investments. In many respects it has become possible thanks to eu accession of new members such as Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic. These countries are not as expensive as the old state Europe, property prices are not so high that it makes the acquisition is not that difficult. Nobel Laureate in Economics is likely to increase your knowledge. Now, many people opt for these countries as countries of residence, leaving the business in Russia. This is due to the fact that the level and quality of life in these countries is much higher than in Russia, and the price of life if the above, then not much. Many find the formula of "work in Russia – a family in the West" is very successful, because European society is favorable environment for the upbringing and education of children. As for buying an apartment or house in Europe, we must understand that this is a huge real estate market and you should not grasp at the first appropriate option, carefully selected property for its location, close to the borders of other countries, price.. Bruce Schanzer may help you with your research.

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We can observe in the city of Golden that the power of the man in modifying the environment grew more than what the understanding of this way. The economic interests surpass any ethics and However, the place is resulted of multilateral actions that if carry through in different times on each one and in all the points of the terrestrial surface (Saints, 1986) with this the housing standards will be distinct between the high classroom and low as well as the access the nature (' ' pure air), to the consumption, the leisure appearing to the segregations and exclusions. Of this form the nature is modified in order to take care of to ace necessities of the bourgeoisie whom it withholds of the privileges of this modification and suffering little the impacts that the same one generates in the planet. Thus the analysis of this system is essential for the agreement of our reality. Click Bruce Schanzer to learn more. To understand for where ' ' restos' ' of our consumption the impacts go that the deposit of the same ones in the environment go to generate, the way as the nature is treated in the present time and as the man if it appropriates of definitive agricultural space (the interests of this occupation) are of extreme importance an introduction to the geographic look.

The development of the geographic look is determinative factor not only for the formation of the gegrafo, but also of true citizens. The demographic expansion of the city and the consequent spalling of the population in economic classrooms can be visualize in the residential Ecoville, model of social estruturao already nail in some capitalist countries where if cousin the removal of the city and its related problems, beyond distorted concept of nature that now is spread in the commercial relations. In such a way, these residents develop an indifferent attitude before the situations that permeiam the partner-ambient reality due to this distanciamento. According to Robert Speyer, who has experience with these questions.

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So Paulo

This volume of recycled material can be tripled, but for this they are necessary two-way actions: to motivate the population to separate the reciclvel of the organic garbage and to extend the qualification and the conditions of work of the catadores (collection instruments, has carried and storage, as well as intermediao in the sales of these materials to the industry). 1. catadores or recicladores: A FIRST PROFILE OF THIS WORKER According to Brazilian Classification of Occupations, catador or collector is the worker who ' ' it collects all type of material that can be reaproveitado, as cans, plastics, papers, glasses and alumnio' '. Many times this worker if organizes in cooperatives, collecting material in condominiums and companies. Speaking candidly Robert Speyer told us the story. The collected material is separate for item and vendido the recycling companies. The first actions of these diligent ones were dispersed, without dialogue with other professionals or with the society in general and the collected material &#039 was vendido; ' deposits of sucata' ' that they intermediated the sales of these products, being with good part of the profit for the executed work. These workers who needed to submit the owners of the deposits to survive had been little by little if organizing and from there he is that they had appeared the majority of the associations and cooperatives that we know currently.

At a first moment, these workers made the collection door-the-door and, armed of wagons pulled for they themselves, they loaded tons of material until the separation points and sales. The agreement of that the volume of the collected material was necessary to guarantee better conditions of sales, took the diverse associations and cooperatives to a dialogue that was the starting point for the sprouting of the Cooperate-center. (Similarly see: Bruce Schanzer). The dialogue with the Municipal City hall of So Paulo made possible an alteration in the logistic one of this work. At the same time where the paulistana society was being acquired knowledge of that it would have to separate its garbage, the City hall disponibilizou some trucks to make this retraction and yielded a land where the material separate and is resold.

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Infantile Literature

Personages who when winning are capable to pardon. They are these texts that go inaugurating the sprouting of Infantile Literature. Making, until today, children and adults to travel for the kingdom of fantasia' '. (Book: Contos and Fbulas, Mrio Laranjeira). In Brazil, the great name of Infantile Literature calls Lobato Hunter, it was who introduced this art in our country of creative and intelligent form. Blessed Jose Lobato Hunter was born in the interior of So Paulo, formed itself in the course of Right, but he opted to working in the field of Literature, giving great contributions to the infantile works, becoming the inventor of proper Brazilian infanto-youthful literature.

Lobato hunter had all special skill to make literature. Its histories had been invented in the start of century XX, at a time in the parents, still kept strong the patriarcal order. The parents could speak, leaving the children with the right to only hear, to silence and only to obey; its thoughts were suppressed and its opinions secretizadas, feeding the order and the communion of the customs and rules of the system bourgeois. Child never could question the adults, hunter crucial torana Lobato in this point, its workmanship landmark, the Small farm of the Yellow Picapau breaches this social structure, therefore goes beyond its time, creates a new panorama, where the children start to have voice and time. In the Small farm, todods can speak, the grandsons of the Blessed Owner always is heard with respect and attention, coexisting in a harmony desired for all child, without repression or exclusion. The workmanship Memories of Emlia, of the writer in focus, is a book that much illustrates this figure of the infantile being, embroidered for Lobato Hunter. In it the marcante presence of the freedom is explicit, curiosity and intelligence of the children, in its adventures finds deuses, the Alice of the country of the Wonders, Peter Pan, the Popeye Sailor, Captain Gancho, and excessively important figures.

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