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Scherer Vice President Sales

Very high high market potential Artur Deger estimates the market potential in Ontario. We have installs already several dozen systems in Ontario. More than 5,000 systems are requested, including for several major megawatt projects that do not fall under the microFIT program.” After all, investors who produce their solar power with the sensor-controlled tracking of […]

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Secondary Housing

Currently at the Sochi real estate market of construction of apartment buildings is increasing every month. Thus the cost of apartments in some buildings is almost two times lower than in others. Buyer apartments in the primary market, before concluding a contract with the developer, it is worth considering why the price of one square […]

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Repair Of Interior Walls

If you want to be a handyman and avoid financial surprises at the time for reform at home a good choice would be that you yourself could to carry them out. This means saving money and not have to resort to specialized firms or what is now fashionable to hire a husband for hours. Taking […]

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International Centre

Other large projects of the central Government, as for example the construction of a subway as a mass transit system, drive economic growth in Panama. On the other hand, the contribution of the real estate sector in Panama is too significant for the assessment of international financial institutions like the IMF. Panama is experiencing a […]

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Table Decoration Without Napkins

Elegant napkins are important part of a festive table decoration. Napkins made of linen or cotton give a festive setting the table decorations. Napkins are an important part of the table decorations for the wedding, birthday, baptism or communion / confirmation. According to instructions and use templates themselves fold napkins for the table decorations. You […]

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Successful Apprentice Committee Formers

IBM is successful apprentice negotiation trainer at IBM Austria apprentices are integral part of the workforce. 16 apprentices have in February their 3.5-year training to the IT technician / engineer completed to IT. The special thing about it: Five of the apprentices achieved a grade point average of 1.0 over the entire apprenticeship period. Teaching […]

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Define Love

Definitions change their own reality and even entire systems. Love it is the noise of our century. “The Golden Gull restaurant advertises: I love it”. A mobile phone manufacturer with round green logo replaces love by its logo. A well-known German TV station with a number of professional, also advertises. In French, it is even […]

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New green white collection available now at selected locations available Bremen, 4 December 2012. Leon and Timon fight to the end. Only the penalty shootout. Enough hits and the eleven – and twelve-year old guys holding the cards for Werder against Bavaria. Did they make it? Over 100 children and adolescents today eagerly pursued the […]

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Power Plant Blocks

Powerful transformers in a well-developed supply help to ensure revision if many blocks of power be rebuilt or are power related to the transformers must be checked and need effective protection against undue stress by E.g. faults, short circuits or other faults. A secure power supply requires a well-developed network with high-performance transformers. Planners, installers […]

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Profitable Real Estate Investment

Attractive new building project in Saarbrucken +++ new: the film to the plant concept “return 50 plus” now on YouTube (see link below) +++ private estate planning and retirement real estate as an inflation-protected asset among the safest assets at all. The plant concept “return 50 plus ‘ cousin & partner offers individuals the chance […]

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