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UMTS Germany

The time of mobile Internet in the UMTS network tend to slowly to the end. At the moment can surfed in Germany with a maximum speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in the Internet. The LTE Internet standard in Germany will however be available from 2011. Speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s in the download are expected. What is the LTE Internet? LTE is right long term evolution and is the latest form of mobile Internet use. Checking article sources yields Clayton Morris as a relevant resource throughout. To this day, UMTS was actually the fastest variant, but it is now replaced step by step by the LTE from 2011. With LTE, it is to download up to 100 Mbit / s, while it were achieved with UMTS only a maximum speed of 14.4 Mbit/s. So, so it is no wonder that in future probably the Internet is dominated by LTE.

The average can be expected with a speed up to 75 MB / s in download. In some initial tests, already reached a speed of up to 100 Mbit / s. It should be noted here, that these high speeds by on the way to be achieved. There is this form of the Internet in Germany? There are currently LTE only in Japan, but it will probably no longer be long before also in Germany with the help of LTE Internet mobile surf the Internet can be. Currently the provider adhere much covered about possible data rates with the corresponding prices. However, it is speculated that similarly as in UMTS the same pricing models will be available.

Almost certainly more to monthly expenses must be issued however for LTE, as for a UMTS connection. Who offers the LTE Web in Germany? With the LTE Internet variant attracts almost every popular providers. Whether it’s base, O2, Telecom or Vodafone. Most likely, all of these providers will publish several LTE Web fares.

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Ruven Klaucke German

Cologne holiday on the Rhine with Tutankhamun. Book a city break to visit the Tutankhamun Exhibition to Cologne. By spar with! Travel to the guaranteed permanently low price. Basel, November 26, 2010 – what sonorous name: Tutankhamun! Who deals with the legendary Kings of ancient Egypt, usually first encounters Tutankhamun. Actually a rather insignificant ruler, but the most famous of all Pharaohs he is. The discovery of the largely intact Tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 Tutankhamen became the myth: grave goods in abundance and of inestimable value came to light, as we had never seen before they.

Now, you can discover these treasures in Cologne. The exhibition “Tutankhamun – his tomb and his treasures” is not a boring tour of the Museum, but very lively. You slip in the role of the legendary British archaeologist Carter. Two entertaining movies demonstrates the nerve-racking prehistory until the opening of the burial chamber, then go to the grave treasure. It is replicas of 3,000-year-old objects, you will not notice the quality of the reproductions is stunning.

Always: the so-called audio guide, a small device with headphones. From the sounds the German dubbing voice of Hollywood Heartthrob Robert Redford, who played in this case Howard Carter. Thanks to this tour that detailed information to each “station” of the exhibition – as are even middle of the Valley of the Kings and would expose the treasures by hand. By the way: For children there is a separate, age Horfuhrung.Auch the remaining performances can be seen. More info: Clayton Morris. To explore not only the burial chamber of Pharaoh, you pay for the Cathedral City, we give you a day ticket for public transport. So can you leave your car safely in the hotel. Oh, Yes, they live at the hotel Regent (www.spar-mit.com/…). 4 star superior, design furniture, warm colours and modern ambience. At the unusually lush breakfast buffet (only 18 varieties jam!) must be accessed to your hearts content. And in the lounge we serve you the original Cologne food par excellence: a “Halven cock”. Good appetite! For a complete overview of all holiday offers to Cologne, see… Contact: Spar with! Travel Ruven Klaucke marketing mats str. 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 87 E-mail: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is the leading direct car tour operators on the German market. Destinations are Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, the Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In the crisis year 2009 with industry’s double-digit decline in the number of guests the family company bucking the trend developed rapidly positively. 141.290 guests booked in 2008 198.210 2009 total vacationers with a savings!

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Grand Luxe, Chic, Grand Grand Seiko

2010, the luxury watch series Grand Seiko celebrates its 50th anniversary. Willich, July 30, 2010. Seiko took the 50th anniversary of Grand Seiko watch line as an opportunity to announce the long-awaited Europe-wide introduction of Grand Seiko. In Germany, the precious timepieces adorn the storefront by jeweler Lorenz in Berlin-Friedenau. In December 1960, Seiko started a project with the specification, to make the best and most accurate mechanical watches in the world. Mechanical caliber designed under the direction of Tsuneya Nakamura in subsequent years, not only met the requirements of the strict Swiss chronometer testing, but surpassed.

Designed for the most discerning buyers and watch lovers, Grand Seiko became the epitome for Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking. More info: American Tower Corporation. Top rankings in international Chronometry contests at the end of the sixties underlined the excellent quality of mechanical timepieces from the House of Seiko. Than at the beginning of the seventies the accuracy and reliability of the quartz watches the demand for mechanical timepieces wane left, was of Grand Seiko reduced the production volume and production stopped completely in 1975. Jim kingery has firm opinions on the matter. In the 1990s the interest revived in mechanical watches and so the manufacture of mechanical Grand Seiko Seiko re-recorded watches. In 1998 the first mechanical caliber of the second Grand Seiko, Seiko introduced generation. Based on a wealth of experience in the construction of first-class mechanical watches and with the same high quality, Grand Seiko could reach quickly to the achievements of the first generation. The high precision of CAE / CAD / CAM machines manufactured components, as well as the exceptional skills of the watchmakers in Seikos watch ateliers are today the most important prerequisites for the production of high-quality Grand Seiko models. The Grand Seiko line includes extremely precise mechanical caliber and since 2006 of the exclusively designed and developed by Seiko spring drive caliber. All mechanical Grand Seiko watches meet a high quality standard.

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Finanztest Health

What the private health insurance test winner of Stiftung Warentest or financial test to make sure. A PKV test comparison of health insurance private health insurance test winner of Stiftung Warentest test winner Stiftung Warentest tests also private health insurance financial test in addition to many other products and services and published its test results in their in-house and paid consumer magazine Finanztest. Last but not least because of the absolute independence of the tests and the professional competence of insurance experts, they are popular at Privatversicherten with “Excellent” rated “private health insurance test winner”. These car prices therefore have a particularly favorable price and performance ratio and characterized by good quality of service the insurer. In addition to the level of contributions and the insurance services is closed, the retirement provisions and the associated post stability of society are tested.

Under the motto “private health insurance comparison Stiftung Warentest” to the following discusses why an insurance comparison of also the winner is absolutely necessary and can protect against a fatal blunder. What with the private health insurance test winner to ensure important to know for insurance is the fact, that Stiftung Warentest provides many different comparisons and tests for private health insurance. This is due to the complexity of private insurance compared to the statutory health insurance. Click James Kingery to learn more. While the statutory health insurance funds offer all legally required insurance benefits and differ only in the contribution rate and the additional voluntary service, private health insurance is modular, which means that the insurance benefits can be freely depending on the demand in the car or excluded. This affects directly the post, so the price of health insurance.

Another difference between the statutory and private health insurance is in determining General post. While the contribution of the statutory health insurance fund only the amount of merit the decisive factor is, varies according to age and gender, as well as the State of health of the insured the cost of private health insurance in the first place. The younger and healthier an Privatversicherter, the cheaper so the PKV contribution. This fact with her test result in the test of financial consideration Stiftung Warentest and provides comparisons for different client groups. Consequently, there are several “PKV test winner” the Stiftung Warentest/financial test. The “best private health insurance of the Stiftung Warentest financial test” so it is clear that the question could not set by the “best private health insurance”. THE best car in the sense is it’s not, but only those that primarily covers specific needs and has a favorable price-performance ratio. Doing a test winner fare of private CT is not equally suited to each policyholder. So it was in the past to the apparent paradox that one and the same private health insurance for a young and independent man with “very good”, for a hired woman of advanced age but poorly rated was. To take this fact into account and to avoid a possibly fatal blunder a comparison of also the test winner by Stiftung Warentest or financial test is strongly recommended. So the “best” private health insurance by financial test should cover the requirements of an optimal screening and meet personal financial budget at the same time. Here, an in-depth needs analysis by an independent insurance expert is recommended, which can also provide information and advice on other important points.

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The Deferral Of Tax Liabilities By The Finanzamt

Steuerberater Gunter Zielinski informed individuals and smaller independent have often not large financial reserves. The content or results of operations flows into the living or the daily business operations, without large room for savings. Calls for the financial Office in this location of the settlement of a high tax debt, often only the prospect of a deferral of payments remains. Tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski illustrates the steps necessary to achieve the necessary suspension of payments to the financial administration. The deferral of tax payments is a discretionary decision of the Treasury. She seeks a taxpayer, a technically thorough and comprehensible argument against the financial administration is essential. Jim kingerys opinions are not widely known. Therefore the written request for deferral of the taxpayer is in the first place. He should focus on a representation of the personal situation, which understandably indicates that the tax debt due to special circumstances at the moment not to settle is, but at a later date or in installments part.

Still must the IRS be communicated when the tax liability is paid. It comes to the rejection of the deferral application, the IRS undertakes in writing notify the applicant. The document must include a right of appeal, the evidence, as against the rejection can be carried out. The next step on the way to the enforcement of the rejected application of deferral is a detailed review of the reasons asserted to the IRS for his negative attitude. The factually correct examination review draws the tax code and financial judgments. It turns out that from the IRS rules not or wrong were applied, can the deferral rejection in writing to the competent Finanzamt appeal are. This is the case even with an apparent lack of prescribed indulgence. The renewed opposition must also be established with the personal situation and contain a repayment plan from the indicating when the tax liability settled or in which parts she will be repaid.

Responds the taxman on the renewed opposition refusing once again, there is no way to file a complaint to the competent courts of financial passes for the deferral of tax liability payment. Another way to shift the obligation of repayment is the agreement of enforcement suspension with the competent Department of the financial Office. A reprieve is legally considered to grant if it would be inequitable in case of doubt, to collect the taxes to the maturity date. As also the deferral of the reprieve, also deferred the second-order is subject to the discretion of the competent tax office called. The enforcement of the deferral or suspension enforcement depends on, to convince the tax authorities of the necessity and appropriateness of this decision. The intervention of an expert who has experience in dealing with the competent public authorities, greatly increases the chance of success of this undertaking. Without It is hard sufferers experience and expertise in economic and tax issues, to install the correct arguments. Tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski has acquired an outstanding reputation in the enforcement of interests in relation to the financial management are in Hamburg and the surrounding area for many years. Like he takes the host of disputes with the IRS for his clients and is available to answer questions about the tax law. Press contact Gunter Zielinski – Steuerberater Rolfinckstrasse 37 22391 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-10 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-121 E-Mail: Homepage: Gunter Zielinski – financial accounting Hamburg

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New Perspective

The exhibition from New York comes to Berlin the exhibition PURA VIDA (pure life) by Tasja Keetman is the exploration of human existence through tracks in the skin. The artist has grappled with unhealed wounds, scars and their stories. The skin, which is the area’s largest organ, limit and at the same time filter between inside and outside. . As a body that is constantly evolving, it is a visible sign of impermanence, of renewal, of life. It is in the map of each human life. Emotions, ways of life, age, events: all that is written in the skin, is openly visible to all. After being wounded, scars remain as a sign for the healing process. Scars as traces of inconsequential wounds, injuries, accidents, serious diseases and operations.

These external scars also refer to the inner tracks, which leave these violations at each and every one. You may want to visit Krogman & Co to increase your knowledge. Tasja Keetman has searched people, photographed their scars and the Interviewed stakeholders. Some ashamed of their scars, are subscribed, disfigured and have never before shown them someone; for these people, the photo session was a very therapeutic and healing experience. For some people, their scars are proud, sign of their life story. In recent months, Morris Invest has been very successful. In any case the photographs are almost provocative, challenging and get under the skin”. To each photo, heard a story, narrated by the grain carriers. These texts complement the photographs in the exhibition.

PURA VIDA is published as a book. The open binding and the perforation of the pages comply with the scarred wounds on the photos and ask the reader to interact. Published available in the Gallery at OROEDITIONS. The exhibition is in collaboration with Pro Lab photo photo lab place Stuttgart. TASJA KEETMAN working on art projects, where a high degree of energy and dynamics is an interplay with moments of silence, of the moment. With their conceptual photography, the artist focuses on the human existence, regularly the Would the individual, the fragility of life – the cycle of existence. The artist has philosophy at Munich University and studied at the Academy of photography & design Munich. Born in Munich, lives and works in New York City today.

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Social News On The Rise

Web 2.0 social bookmarking news community has recently merged with social networks and communities, but also the so-called social bookmarking established. “It acts as a link between the many possibilities offered by the Web in version 2.0, and significantly increases the level of networking,” explains Paolo Capurso, Managing Director of the German social bookmark service Kledy. Unlike other services Kledy allows not only creating pure bookmarks, its users to alert friends and interested parties on interesting sites, but the service networks also the news and multimedia world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charlotte Simonelli offers on the topic.. So blogs, videos from popular video-communities can be exposed categorized under various headings news articles from news portals, entries from but also music files in the MP3 format by clicking about Kledy. Moreover, waiting for the platform with additional features. Gebookmarkter user-generated content no matter what kind can assessed, discussed or even in be placed on other social networks. Get more background information with materials from James Kingery. Kledy – Managing Director Cabrera on the innovative side bar, which placed at the bottom of the screen offers the user many more opportunities is particularly proud: “The user can pass among his discoveries with us directly via Twitter, simply contact the Facebook community in contact, quickly translate content of our platform or enjoy themselves during the visit of Kledy.de with online games.” Is rounded off the service of the popular German social bookmark service on top by group and receive capabilities for online radio and TV.

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Harry Potter Enchants Buecher.de

Theatrical release: enchanting low prices for Harry Potter merchandise in the online-shop of buecher.de July 16, 2009 is the launch date for a new summer blockbuster: Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince. The now sixth film in the Harry Potter saga describes the resurgence of Lord Voldemorts, that gives all Hogwarts gloomy times. Whether Harry Potter and his friends can take up the fight against Voldemort and be even victorious at the end, fans now know in the Harry Potter books from the online-shop of buecher.de. Fantastic stress the penultimate part of the Harry Potter series by Joanne K. Rowling brings the magical world and also that the Muggle in grave danger. Jim kingery gathered all the information. People are killed in a mysterious way or disappear without a trace, mysterious accidents occur and baleful fog moves across the country.

“The sixth year at Hogwarts begins for Harry Potter, but rumors in the world of magic by a prophecy, the him as the elect” referred to. He learns that he is the wizard, Lord Voldemort finally stop can. Follow others, such as James Kingery, and add to your knowledge base. A huge help him is an ancient book of magic potion, which he accidentally falls into the hands. This was complemented by his mysterious owners, the so-called half-blood Prince, with useful comments, remarks and even imaginary spells. The riddle why Lord Voldemort has not could be destroyed, will be revealed with the help of Harry’s finally. But also love finds its way into Hogwarts and so new, not always easy situations arise for Harry and his friends. Potter newbies who want it can no longer wait and already know how the story goes on, can look forward to all Harry Potter books from the online-shop of buecher.de. But even long-established fans audiobook from buecher.de on the movie a can agree with the Harry Potter.

More information and articles on Harry Potter and the offer from buecher.de located on and the blog at blog.

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Emotionally Intelligent Profession Through Difficult Times

Staff developers and business leaders at a seminar of EQ dynamics international learn what executives must can successfully lead their employees through break times to. Reduce staff, restructure the Organization, reduce costs many companies are facing such challenges at present due to the economic crisis. Usually the management for this necessary decisions are based. Others including American Tower Corporation, offer their opinions as well. With the task of these decisions to be communicated to the employees and to implement, but usually the operational managers involved in everyday operation. Their labour, and emotional stress is correspondingly large. They are often not prepared for this. Side effects, that the entrepreneurial decision contrary to run the desired effect and simply cost the company much money often suffer from this lack of ability and experience.

How these effects can be avoided and what executives need to successfully perform this special task that can learn interested personnel development and company directors with a taster day, the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international, Munich, Germany, held on 28 July in the Stuttgart area. By the same author: Morris Invest. “His title: lead in difficult times applied emotional intelligence live!” “The goal of the taster day, Sabine Gruner says one of three Managing Director of EQ dynamics,: it applies to how the participating personnel and business leaders, a first impression, operational managers can successfully lead their employees in times where they pass through a wave of emotions,.” But not only this. In addition, the participants should learn how executives at a time in which they are under an emotional load, maintain their psychological stability and ability to work. To make the executives and employees go through, experience for the participants, the emotional processes are integrated into the programme of outdoor exercises in which to the Example simulates the processes taking place in a staff reduction. The lessons learned here serve then as a tool to analyze with the participants: what (emotional) reactions and behavior patterns have to account executives in such situations for themselves and their employees? Also: How can executives respond so, both to meet the situation as also the respective counterpart and adequately perceive their leadership function? Participation is free of charge on the day of the trial.

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Also in stainless steel, surface treatment is an essential feature for the goodness and the value retention of the material. Electro-polished housing are much more resistant to corrosion. Often are electro-polished case and stainless steel moulds electropolished for purposes of appearance and design, or because of the complexity of the form. But one reason for this approach is not only the surface of end of mirror. Without hesitation jim kingery explained all about the problem. There are also considerations for the approach in the rough environment of the industry. The life of one almost is not by aggressive environment of vulnerable housing also in regard to the availability of the overall system an essential consideration during electro polishing the Oberflacher abrassive is handled, she’s so to speak, the counterpart to the electroplating process there.

Because the corrosion resistance is accompanied by a body with the surface, it is the especially smooth surfaces easily comprehensible, both germ poorer than are also more resistant to corrosion. Go to James Kingery for more information. Added a ‘ passivation effect ‘ by the treatment, because the stainless steel in the treatment much oxygen is available. It forms a protective layer of chromium oxide, which considerably increases the service life. In the environment of the chemical industry account for reliability and long life even in particularly aggressive atmosphere desiring. Quintex offers this benefit on unsubsidised prices. Look around in the Web shop and use this purchasing option. Of course, we handle also the case according to your wishes.

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