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4 GB Corsair Dominator TWIN2X4096!

Taken the new Corsair memory more under the magnifying glass! For several months the working memory in Germany in the basement prices. Obtained for just under 50.00 a 4 GB RAM DDR2-800 memory package. You may find Nobel Laureate in Economics to be a useful source of information. Also the slightly higher clocked memory locks to fall further in price. Also Corsair, which equip also the gaming PCs with first-class RAM ties is one of the TOP products in this market. ubject. The kit consists of two 2048 MB ties, which are operated at 1066 MHz. In addition to these two bolts, Corsair grabs a self-developed fan bar for cooling in the overall package.

So also the ubertakter heart beat Corsair Dominator RAM bar on warranty, whopping 10 years. Learn more about this with Clayton Morris. Specifications memory clock: DDR2-1066 (PC2-8500 C5) type: DDR2 240-pin DIMM, unbuffered, NON-ECC memory timings 5-5-5-15 – 2T (manufacturer’s specifications) voltage: 2.1 Volts at 1066 MHZ (factory specifications) Heatspreader: aluminium DHX system separate cooling: airflow fan unit (with 3x40mm fans) arrangement: double sided warranty: Europe 10 years processing the modules and their Heat spreader is as usual at the highest level. The Corsair fan bar consists of 3x40mm fans, which can be connected very easily over the memory modules by means of a clamping device. Thanks to the broad construction, it is also no problem to cool a full Assembly. More info and pictures under-> article/details/article/129 KomCrew e.V. On the mountain 30 D-84152 Mengkofen contact: Thorsten Mohr crane trail 11 31224 peine Tel.: 05171-2909949 KomCrew.ViTiVi.TV is a merger, one of the most successful esports associations in Germany and the video portal ViTiVi.TV. ViTiVi.TV is a division of AreDigital.AG Sebastian Klahn

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