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Tips on Apartment Repairs

Many people know this situation. You finally bought an apartment and want to remake it to suit your needs. Move, breaking the walls and rebuild them again – it is very expensive and tedious. But if still you dare to make repairs and redevelopment, we advise you to familiarize yourself with some useful recommendations. So, what is the repair and redevelopment? Live in an apartment in which the redevelopment of the normal the man is simply impossible. This is when the break and then restores the wall, increased or transferred to a bathroom (which is at least two months without a bath!) Carry communications and so on.

Piled in a heap mountains debris, flying dust. Anyone who has ever lived through a time like this in your own apartment, will tell you that this is a nightmare. The first advice Any repairs and redevelopment of apartment – this is a very serious event. Apartment – this is not a private home, where you can perform any movement bathrooms, walls or kitchens, and it can be very significant impact on your neighbors above or below, and then the entire building as a whole (eg if you chance will carry load-bearing walls). But if you invite the architect – designer, you can get the most complete design project, which includes architectural and construction of the project, in coordination relevant authorities, as well as sanitation and water supply project, which is required when moving or changing a bathroom or kitchen project power (because the new wall – this new sockets, lights and switches), and and recommendations on the use of materials, interior decoration and flat selection style.

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