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Home Swimming Pool

Until recently, home pools are a luxury they could afford to install only the very wealthy people, this attribute is now increasingly possible to see in modern homes and apartments. The pool can bring a lot of positive emotions to people, as many of us tend to be a body of water, especially in hot weather. Everyone knows that water treatments are an excellent tool for health promotion. Externally, any Pool looks like a large tank filled with water, but it is not so. Swimming pool – this is a very complex system of water filters, pumps, through which water flows into the pool and drained out of him, skimmers, that purify the water from the mechanical parts and so on. The same equipment for the pool heat exchanger, air dryer (if the pool room). Without all of this equipment is difficult to imagine a fully existing pool, but not everyone knows what equipment performs the function or another. For people who are not professionals are the names of the equipment for swimming pools is the "dark forest", but little information is hurt, as if the pool will be at your home, you happen to run into his service.

For the purity of water in the pool meets the skimmer, it purifies the water from mechanical particles on the surface. In the skimmer water is saturated with chemistry Pool is heated and filtered. To the outdoor pool was possible to swim even in winter, put a heat exchanger for the pool.

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