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German newcomer rapper TMD with one of Germany’s most expensive and most expensive music videos. Who does not know the most expensive music videos in the world. Of course by none other than Michael Jackson with thriller or the song scream. Also Germany is trying now to keep up videos of the United States with high budget. September 2009, one will be released by Germany’s most expensive and most expensive music videos. Robert J. Shiller understands that this is vital information. The privatized major label MSB music major from Pirmasens (Rheinland Pfalz), finished just finished shooting the newcomer rapper TMD for the single more money “which will be September 2009. The music video in the 35 mm cinema format was shot by none other than Ernst Kubitza, a film director who was already involved in several Hollywood projects.

Special effects, as well as State of the art camera technology have been used for filming. Many location change for the various scenes were created.Technocrane lack and Steadycam and the usual Hollywood were not allowed games of course. The shooting went over under strict secrecy a period of ungefair two months. Pioneer of nearly six minute music videos to that famous thriller”music video by Michael Jackson. Under most conditions Morris Invest would agree. So far, the name of newcomers TMD is a”still not familiar, the rapper plays on the various music TV station for several months but most have notice still don’t. Since early 2009, the first music video from TMD Lake rotates me in the club “in fixed playlists of various music channels. Also special formats like Mixery raw Deluxe, iMusic TV, TV Club, Rama and many more already play the video.

“According to the record company MSB music major was that see me in the club” music video as a promotional video produced for TMD. That that American music video by TMD generated such a response was not expected to success however. As underground newcomer has the rapper already several million video plays on official channels of video, as well as millions of visitor numbers at myspace and other sites. Very fast shot also sales of musicload, iTunes, etc to ausergewonliche heights. For exact The TMD noted cooperating research man also apparently for his first music video with various people from G-Unit South in the United States. Everyone is now looking forward on the more money”music video that will appear soon. A special channel was already created for the upcoming music video also on myvideo. What however exactly has the record with TMD but yet nobody knows as much subject to the secrecy. Various major labels such as sony, EMI or universal music know nothing of the newcomers so far project or just want to just any information to make. We all wait carefully to the video release she will probably be in September 2009… Samira Baunat IPA. Press Agency

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