Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate

Renting Without Agencies

If you type a search query string to rent a room without intermediaries – one is struck by the number of sites dedicated to this subject. But even more surprising others. Why do people buy into such a thing? After all, to the site on such a request is on the first line, it is always worth some financial costs. Given the fact that it is from the world of real estate, and it is very, very big competition, then the costs will be considerable, respectively. Ie what happens. There are a bunch good uncles and tetenek who invest money in promotion sites to simple seekers of housing in general, and rooms in particular, could find this very house, not spending their hard-earned money on commission agents and agencies.

Some sites are full of advertisements that they have developed a range of measures and all sorts of programs to detect and remove the ads on their website from the brokers, agents that were ad solely on hosts. In other words, the administrators of these sites have invested hundreds of thousands of rubles in the green team of programmers, so that they have created the type of anti-virus software In order to capture these same ads on ubiquitous agents. It turns out that What kind world around us! Good people are spending their money so that others can save her Oh, if it were so! But the reality is of course different. Nobody spends money just for the sake of someone else, and by and large they spit on those who can not or do not want to pay "fees". But the fact that there are plenty of dyadenek and tetenek (maybe not even good), are investing money in the promotion of web sites under the search "without intermediaries", and earn on this – it is closer to the truth. The easiest and most obvious, as one form of earnings on this site is to get a phone owners, homeowners with toll smc. Like to spend a couple of hundred rubles is not so pitiful, compared to the how much to pay agency fees, and on the other hand, how real, "living" will these phones? Well, turns out very interesting math We went a few hundred people on site, each posted on rubles It seems like housing applicants are not similar gains, and site owners will be less than the bread and butter spread. So people, beware!

Mon, March 10 2014 » News