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Value Added Distributor Expands Solution Portfolio For D-A-CH

E-Mail-management expert REDDOXX records distribution agreement with ectacom GmbH Rottweil, December 13, 2010 the REDDOXX GmbH (www.reddoxx.com) and the value added distributor (VAD) ectacom signed a marketing, sales and support agreement. A wide range of TuV-tested email management products available is resellers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for now. The latest version 2.0 of REDDOXX complete solution integrates three components in one and thus offers an industry’s unique combination of spam and virus protection (Spamfinder), E-Mail Archiving (MailDepot) as well as encryption and digital signature (MailSealer). Based on this all-in one solution can be legally compliant archiving and professionally manage emails. In the new REDDOXX version 2.0, the Rottweiler company has the appliance is equipped with a number of features and optimised in order to provide additional benefits to end users and IT administrators.

Enterprises and managed service providers benefit if necessary so that a complete solution, can be implemented as a virtual system. Meet compliance requirements by means of integrated automatic archive classification and characterization automatically users can assign their electronic messages to unlimited categories. For example folder can be”for each business year apply. It is also possible to equip the news with an individual workflow. Thus, for example, personal data in accordance with the statutory provisions be deleted in time from the archive. Compliance-LOG”all changes documented in tamper-proof and durable. The professional management of electronic mail is crucial especially in everyday business “, Rolf Wensing, head of sales and partner management at REDDOXX explains. At the same time legislation can increase channel demand for a legally compliant way of the E-Mail Archiving. Ectacom we have won with an additional Distributor, excellent to cover this market segment within the D-A-CH region.” With the comprehensive solutions of our new partner REDDOXX we can meet safe email management optimally the high demands of our partners in the field”, Tome Spasov explains the possibility to respond CEO ectacom GmbH.

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