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Strategic Management

a General Every company has defined its mission and vision for this, management is organized so using all their administrative skills, management, and identify fully the stage where it operates, to meet all your needs, especially those arising from its consumers Consider that mission is the reason for the company. It is also said to […]

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Rent Or Buy Home Furniture

How about changing the decoration of your house every year?. Does the fact that today lives in a classic and tomorrow in a trendy catch your attention?. Then renting furniture for your home is the solution. Renting furniture is best for people who need them for short periods of time. This may include people with […]

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Speedometer Calibration

The term speedometer adjustment takes place in two areas to various uses: If a car, converted from different vehicle registration, tires, this can lead to variations in the speed display. The smaller size of the tire gets, the more turns must be on the same road to travel on the road. The speed runs ahead […]

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Barbie Dolls

As is well known, children at a certain stage of growth enjoy great moments of entertainment as they play with different toys and other teaching aids, which by their nature are ideal for children, since they in many cases represent some of the series they see on TV. or represent some of the things they […]

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If you go to the Spanish Language Dictionary, you will find an appraisal and if addressed to specialists in law and Laws, will show a very particular vision. For this reason I invite you to go to the very roots of the term. In Hebrew (Najam) we find the word, poured into our language, translates: […]

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