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Circulation Pumps In Heating

Having built a country house, its owner is often faced not only by the lack of hot water, but also with the task of domestic heating. Gas or electric instantaneous water heaters, as well as electrode boilers (Electric boilers) require maintaining a certain pressure in the system. And then the pipeline must always be connected […]

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Terra Sumy Real Estate

According to information provided by real estate agency Terra Sumy, Sumy in the city center of one square meter of retail space costs an average of 1,500 thousand at. is, up to 3 thousand in. e. While the most central streets of the price can reach up to 5-7 thousand at. e. In the 'sleeping' […]

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Interregional Transactions

In August 2010, a significant event happened in the market of inter-regional deals – signed a cooperation agreement between the companies Fair (Yekaterinburg) and City Center real estate transactions (SC "Ecotone" department "Ladoga" St. Petersburg). Joint work has started without swinging, and in the first month was taken 55 applications from customers wanting to get […]

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