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State Duma Committee

The State Duma Committee on Property recommended the adoption in first reading bill on simplification of procedures for the issuance of mortgage loans. Changes made to the law “On state registration of rights to immovable property and deals with it ‘and provide that a body performing state registration of real estate rights and transactions, may […]

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Homes Through Italian Teams

April 30, 2010 represented a historical date for broadcasting in Spain. On that date there was total blackout of the analog television signal to take step to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). One of the companies that contributed in particular to the realization of many digital networks of Spanish television channels was O.S.T. SL, Italian […]

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Protecting Homes

Almost all citizens have a cottage or country houses in the villages, and almost all will sooner or later face the theft carried out in their absence. We will share our experiences, how to prevent such a crime. The most effective way statistics is the existence of a security company, but this may be too […]

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Northeast: Imaginary Identity And Spaces Of Cultural Homesickness

NORTHEAST: IMAGINARY IDENTITY AND SPACES OF CULTURAL HOMESICKNESS Fbbio Xavier of the Birth 1 Word-key: Northeast; Regionalism; Social history; Politics; Culture Spaces of the homesickness is part of as the chapter of the book the northeast invention and other arts of the writer Durval Muniz de Albuquerque Jnior who Possesss graduation in Full Licenciatura in […]

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Italy Homes

In their mind, the villa was the type of home, with one or more floors, a large plot, for the estate workers (slaves, maids), stables for animals. These estates were visited periodically and used as holiday homes for vacation. Today, the villa is not much changed its meaning. In Italy, they are used as holiday […]

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Building Energy-efficient Homes

Building energy-efficient homes reduce costs in a home air conditioning can be achieved through the construction of houses and energy-efficient buildings. Everything will depend on a good survey of the area and plan the building properly to take advantage of nature’s resources in the best way. Decide where Orient House is the most important aspect. […]

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Holy Angels

Someone sure will say; That corny. Probably not what; You It will tell. Mat25 31 when the son of man shall come in his glory, and all the Holy Angels with him, then (F) shall sit upon his throne of glory, (G) 32 and will be gathered before him all Nations; and you depart from […]

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Home Theater

On the phenomenon of home theater and write a lot of different ways. But there are always sure to mention the "presence effect" – what distinguishes the "home movies" from just the tv. When this same effect occurs? Some say it's all about volume, enveloping sound: if the sound is broken down into five channels, […]

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