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Federal Registration Service

Treaty of equity in the building may be entered in favor of a third person. Under such an agreement developer is obliged to transfer the apartment to a house not built holders, as specified in the contract to a third party. The third party may waive rights under the contract of the equity in the […]

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The Price

Demand for multi-storey car parks increased due to increased number of vehicles and lack of parking places, especially in large cities. In a segment of real estate pre-fabricated buildings are not so popular. Homes continue to build on traditional technologies. Based on block-modules, using the steel skeleton of the building erected in places difficult climatic […]

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Real Estate Prices Forecast

Many experts argue that real estate prices, after a rather sharp rise in January and February of this year will not exceed the annual average in the range of twenty percent. Become more expensive, and primary and secondary housing. Real estate prices have risen for the first two months of 2008 approximately ten percent. Increasing […]

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