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Real Estate Prices Forecast

Many experts argue that real estate prices, after a rather sharp rise in January and February of this year will not exceed the annual average in the range of twenty percent. Become more expensive, and primary and secondary housing. Real estate prices have risen for the first two months of 2008 approximately ten percent. Increasing real estate prices affected all segments of the market. Cause of rising prices, many experts suggest, mainly the situation in the stock market. The crisis in the global market affected the prices of real estate in the direction of their increase.

What is a group of investors began to withdraw their funds from the stock market and investing in real estate (as a more stable market). The influx of investors' increased demand for real estate market and consequently property prices began their rapid growth. Property prices were also influenced by the resulting shortage of proposals (This was highlighted in the secondary housing market). According to real estate sellers, even formed a queue. Real estate prices, using the situation, the sellers immediately raised. The third factor, say Experts affected mortgage loans. Banks to minimize their risks, have increased their requirements for borrowers. People are assuming that the future requirements of banks will continue to increasingly tougher, we decided to buy real estate mortgage lending today.

However, according to many experts, excessive demand, which arose in January-February and continue all night. Real estate prices will stabilize and continue to its growth is not as rapidly. The average annual price increase will be at 15-20 percent. Preconditions for a crisis now, no.

Sun, February 13 2011 » News