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Frescoes Installation

Installation of murals / Instruction Manual sticker mural consisting of 1 or more blades * Murals are non-woven base and glued onto the prepared base (wall or ceiling) as ordinary non-woven wallpaper. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate. * Base must be flat, pre-otshpatlevannym, filled (acrylic or other ground deep […]

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CPD For Dummies

What is cpd? Abbreviation: cpd probably known to almost everyone, and firmly established in the lives of those who started the repair or construction. Yet, for those who are not experienced with it and for whom this is simply a collection of letters give a definition. Thus, particle board, it also Chipboard, a building material […]

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Building Materials

The formation of efflorescence is subject to most of the traditional porous building materials (brick, concrete, lime, plaster, etc.), but most strikingly, they appear on the brick facades of buildings. Massive use of brick in construction of houses and cottages gives builders and customers a lot of trouble. Hope that the facade will retain its […]

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