Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate


Real estate in each country – this is just a mirror image of its economy. True, the market is characterized by inertia, when the price reaction to events in the economy takes a certain time step. But all the same apartment in Kiev always bought and sold. Participants hindered the real estate market began to […]

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Reuters Economy

Just in 2011 the economy would acquire force to grow to 4%. Surely, my vision about the good perspective of the Colombian economy in the medium and long term, will not leave approvals to the families of that country who at the moment undergo the unemployment brought about by the crisis. He would not be […]

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Materials for Properties

Common hardness, weldability, malleability and other properties of ferrous ones. The metals especially the Steel of construction requires of some properties to fulfill this intention, evidently, the structural ones in first instance, as well as those associates to the capacity whom they have to be conformed to become attached itself to the ingenieriles requirements. These […]

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