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Foundation of the world the child is his child's room, so making it a comfortable atmosphere is not only a desire but also the duty of parents. It is only competent filling the room (furniture) is able to do this cozy little world. The most common option used for furnishing a child's room, is to […]

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Housing Code

If you do not want to suffer from noise, keep quiet yourself reduce noise from contact with neighbors to help and quality flooring in your home. In this case you will not only reduce the possibility of penetration of noise to you, but they themselves will not disturb tenants at the bottom, even if you […]

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Cosy Country House

Today the stormy development is not just a city but also in peripheral areas. Especially popular are still used wooden houses. Although the frame houses, panel houses are not as popular. The wooden house is a great alternative to the stuffy city apartment. Construction of log houses from today is no longer the only answer […]

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Pool Construction

Armature tied haywire BP-1 with a diameter of 2-3 mm. During the construction of pools used by fitting a periodic profile. Throat of the valve, move the cell are determined at the design stage basin. Apply for vertical and horizontal reinforcing rods 10 mm in diameter. Step horizontal reinforcement is 200 mm, vertical – 200 […]

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Construction Works

This is a very small figure, but the house with such a mass will not shrink due to movement of walls or Seal basement. Therefore, to finish you can start immediately after you finish the main construction works. Space, which is laid insulation, vapor barrier and communication is called wall. First there is the external […]

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Wall Coverings

Wall coverings of cork available in sheets, rolls, and wallpapers. Cork wallpaper on your weight and strength characteristics closer to a heavy wallpaper: their density – 216 g/m2, and a thin veneer of cork gives it sufficient strength and resistance to external influences. In addition to decorative cork wallpaper have other advantages. First of all, […]

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Heating Systems

The question is whether to use one thermostat to control two or more heating systems “warm floor” in different rooms? Not recommended, because loss of heat in different rooms is different, and the temperature sensor thermostat can only be in one room. For example, a heating system installed in the kitchen and bathroom. Cables are […]

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If anyone of us has a house and attached to the house, of course, a garden, it is quite normal to make a greenhouse. But this raises the usual question of where to buy a greenhouse, hothouse what? All a bit easier than it actually is you think! Let’s begin to move systematically on greenhouse. […]

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