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Habitat Senior Golf Resort

It will be one of the markets with greater capacity for growth in the coming years. At the moment, only located some promotions throughout the Spanish territory, but it will become a really attractive niche for a population that is aging and that occupies the 5th place in strength of older people in Europe. The […]

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Housing Markets Tremble in Face of Financial Crisis

Markets tremble before the financial crisis engulfing the entire world. This has been described as the worst economic crisis of the last hundred years. The company has not seen a financial meltdown of this size so far and do not know how to cope. The crisis is affecting each and every one of the industry: […]

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The Rental Housing Market

The developers are seeking alternative ways to dispose of properties that have some time without selling. According to a report by the Cadena Ser, at least 6,000 homes have been sent recently to the Public Rental Company (SPA), by Spanish developers, so that this body acts on lease. The rental-purchase is an attractive formula for […]

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Real Estate Consultant

Consider if you get into work to paint the whole house (it is not expensive and gives a neat and clean house.) 6. Prepare your home to teach. A home enters through the eyes. If you would my family to see her children, wife … in some way will be living in it … Make […]

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Deutsche Annington

Therefore you should provide in a timely manner. To do this is an appropriate heating behaviour. Robert J. Shiller may also support this cause. You should not turn off the heating E.g. when leaving the House, because permanent cooling off and back heating is more expensive than maintaining a lowered average temperature. It makes more […]

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Real Estate Prices

New energy saving regulation presents social and environmental risks the Federal Cabinet has again changed the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) on February 6th. From 2014, new resolutions rental and real estate prices can increase at huge rates. The amendment but also ecological risks. Just imagine: in times of increasing housing shortage, housing is too expensive […]

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