Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate

Mortgage Holders

If there is something that involves very important obligations and responsibility almost’s lifetime, it are the Scriptures of mortgage loan. By ignorance or overconfidence about times and neglect others, many people has come to the signature before a notary, in the hands of its director of lifetime (or the management of the Bank), without reading […]

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Green Direction

Within the old geomancias it is considered the better systematized, and is therefore adequate to extract general principles of universal application which must be then adapted to each location and situation. Many of its concepts are beyond the Western rational analysis, but most of its proposals are basically aesthetic and common sense-since the concept of […]

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Global Leaders

The world that surrounds us seems to ignite on all four sides, all the cardinal points seem to make common front against the existence of the human being. That does not mean that mother earth is this revealing against their inhabitants, rather we ourselves who make it bleed, we kill it slowly and the last […]

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