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Very Short Time

Foreign language learning in pre-school? English, Chinese, French, Finnish? or perhaps Egyptian or Worlof already is today foreign language teaching in many schools of different countries from the third grade curriculum, and in some schools the foreign language knowledge is even still earlier gives. Friends tell me that the first vocabulary is already conveyed in […]

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Architect Historic Preservation

Start a new series in March at the Propstei Johannesberg in Fulda the specialization of the architect is useful and necessary to survive in the industry. In addition to the new action, there exists a growing branch of conservation and historic preservation, which opens up interesting perspectives in the preservation of our architectural heritage. Training […]

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Information evening for coach training and NLP – is always your communication. James king helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But works also in its favour? A good education and versatile experience in professional life are no guarantee of the ability to successfully communicate. Classical pathways rely on specialization in the own compartment. The relevant […]

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In The Lump, Ready, Go!

New study Scout-Guide to studying in the Netherlands published the core piece of the guides are reports on different courses and universities, which are especially interesting for German students. On page 2 of the Guide, you will find our experience 10 reasons for studying in the neighboring country. On the back, the guide provides an […]

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Germany Executives

Is it even possible to sustainable development without qualified training of coaches? The success of enterprises depends for the most part of the leadership skills of its managers. For their qualification, there is an inexhaustible range of seminars, training courses and coaching in Germany. Manager for your task be made fit with a wide range […]

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Training Of Employees Creates Competitive Advantage

News from the one by one EDV GmbH one by one EDV GmbH from Berlin, one of the leading seminar providers, draws a positive balance of the year and announces the extension of the training offer and the website in the new year. Thus, the company strengthened its positioning as a premium provider of IT […]

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Successful Apprentice Committee Formers

IBM is successful apprentice negotiation trainer at IBM Austria apprentices are integral part of the workforce. 16 apprentices have in February their 3.5-year training to the IT technician / engineer completed to IT. The special thing about it: Five of the apprentices achieved a grade point average of 1.0 over the entire apprenticeship period. Teaching […]

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Jurgen Schmidt Strengthens Sales Team With GID

Information global distribution GmbH (GID) has a new location in Stuttgart area. Cologne, July 16, 2013. With effect from 1 July 2013, Jurgen Schmidt took over the distribution area of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Sales Manager comes from the IT industry and is familiar with the GID’s portfolio for the archiving, virtualization, backup and storage infrastructure products. […]

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Cornelsen Publishing House

Learn more about this Foundation. What is she doing? What is the purpose pursued them? For more than three decades, the Cornelsen Foundation carried out teaching and learning”their Foundation goals. With his charitable foundation, was dedicated to Franz Cornelsen in 1978 of the promotion of projects that are directly related to the school and gave […]

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Technical University

Competitive edge steering construction projects securely and successfully. On February 2014, the postgraduate master of Engineering (MEng) launches international construction project management”of the Technical University of Vienna for the first time. Construction project management is a very practical leadership task, implementing holistic makes highest demands on individuals provided for this purpose. This is an important […]

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