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Many times when you recommend us a product we wonder, well why is so good? How it works? Scientific basis is there a?, with argan oil, the answer to this last question is Yes, chemical analysis of the oil have become to know its composition and know how it works each substance in your skin and hair. Among the properties of argan oil that contains one higher percentage that other oils from essential acids of which 45% is acid oleic and 35% is linoleic, it has one three times higher content of gamma tocopherols than of the olive oil, gamma tocopherols are a few potent antioxidants that according to an investigation by the National Academy of Sciences in 2004it inhibits the cancer cells, without affecting cells healthy. Another property of this compound is that oxygenates the cells favoring their reproduction and its vitality, the loss of skin elasticity, and thereby prevents wrinkles, repair skin damaged by the proliferation of new cells, moisturises the skin revitalizing it and restoring it to insert into the cell membrane correcting scars and stretch marks, while it gives smoothness and softness, have an antioxidant action combat also preventing skin diseases and protecting it from the Sun free radicals. Other natural argan oil compounds are polyphenols that have an effect antiseptics and fungicides as well as phytosterols which are anti-inflammatory, despite being an oil is non greasy so it won’t clog the pores of the skin by what help prevent acne by avoiding that your skin produces an excess of fat and also avoids the appearance of blackheadsIn addition to helping cure and heal wounds minor. If these properties seem few, argan oil containing lupeol, a chemical compound that favors the formation of keratin, main component of the skin, hair and nails. This combination of properties gives as a result that not only hair argan oil le otorgua strength and brightness, also prevents the overproduction of fat, avoids having oily hair without drying out the scalp, its antiseptic and antibacterial function prevents the appearance of dandruff, the lupeol promotes repair of split ends and hair growth, gives protection against UV rays and protects it from the ravages of the weather dries up and mistreat your hair.

By scientifically proven and natural origin it is so beneficial and harmless that it can be used with confidence in the baby’s skin, to help protect it and prevent or cure the scratches, small scratches or wounds. Since the beginning of 1990 studies clinical, dermatological, chemical analyses have been done and so far all have confirmed what is already known, argan oil properties are unique and valuable not only in the cosmetics industry, but also in medicine, because many of their ingested components help to fight diseases from high cholesterol to cancer. Would you like to know more properties of argan oil? Continue reading my articles on this wonderful argan oil and retrieves both your skin and your hair’s health.

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