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Construction of Brick – one of the most popular types of construction. Brick – the material most suitable for their construction specifications for an average strip of Russia. In addition to the price category it is more accessible than foreign luxury building materials. But choosing the construction of brick, you need to remember that the brick has a fairly high thermal conductivity. This means that it is his property to consider when selecting Fashion masonry. We consider two types of masonry walls: masonry and lightweight masonry.

Construction of brick masonry walls kolodtsevoy implies that the wall will look like is composed of individual wells. Wall kolodtsevoy masonry – is two parallel walls as thick as brick located in the climatic conditions at a certain distance from each other. Strength and stiffness of such walls attach jumper – vertical or lateral wall thickness usually in brick, spread at a distance of 0,1-1 m from each other. Walls spread tiers up to 1,2 m and then pour concrete, Samana, or fall asleep. In this form Construction of brick, concrete, adobe and dry backfill is put layers and thoroughly compacted. To reduce shrinkage of slag backfill sometimes every 50 cm in height is filled with lime or lime-cement mortar. Dry backfill protect from getting wet.

As for lightweight masonry in the construction of brick, it is as follows. Interior and exterior walls are laid in a brick, and some of the bricks produced inside the walls blows through a stretcher on the length and number two in height. Deaf side walls connected by 23 m continuous vertical diaphragms thick brick. Construction of brick masonry lightweight every two rows voids filled with warm lightweight aggregate concrete. Issued butting a brick also strongly associated with concrete. Construction of brick with a masonry wall reduces the cost by 25-30% and reduces the need for brick. Lightweight masonry is acceptable in the construction of buildings no higher than two floors.

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