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In the past few years have seen an influx of new residents in the central districts of Cairo. the city life is becoming more and more intense, get over here and many large public and private enterprises. Local and Foreign developers are trying to meet the ever-increasing demand, which at times seems endless. The question of how long it will last for a similar boom is still open. The situation prevailing in Cairo today is result of the fact that demand still exceeds supply, prices still are not able to reach its peak and stabilize, as it usually does. Despite the fact that even the financial crisis failed to significantly influence the situation and stop the boom to the real estate market, there are Egyptian and their threats. The first of these, perhaps, be called inflation.

Saving fairly high rate of inflation – the barriers that Egypt’s economy is facing in real estate. Another rather curious fact is the discrepancy between the demands of users and objects offered by developers. Construction companies, initially overestimated the demand for luxury villas, now is not able to realize all of the objects. Most of the customers present day – families who are interested in acquiring affordable housing, small townhouse or apartments. On the other hand the active participation of banks, mortgage lending allowed many Egyptians to get closer to his dream of own home in Cairo. Attractive interest rates on mortgages are one of the components contributing to the maintenance of the Egyptian real estate market boom in the state. Such a trend will continue, provided that the rates will be stable. The financial crisis could not affect the viability real estate market.

In a sense, the situation is largely spurred to action potential buyer, real estate still seems to be very safe investment. On the issue of whether market boom in Egypt will not see a horizon, analysts agree – the growth can not last forever. Global real estate markets are cyclical, Egypt and Cairo are not exceptions. Given the many features of the market and the expansion of the banking sector in the real estate property market in Egypt and Cairo itself with its new part represented a good opportunity for investment for years to come.

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